Projects Time Line

Upcoming Events:

Expanding UYP School (The Young Patriots School)
Fund Raising Event for School with Volunteer’s
Iftaar Events Ramadan 2013
Annual Lunch 2013 (Fund Raising)


October 2010: Ration Distribution in Thatta
December 2010: Warm clothes distribution in


Feb-April 2011: Bookdrive
March 2011 – Feb 2012: Akhabristan- The Newspaper Drive
June-July 2011: Mentorship Program, Mehmoodabad, Karachi
July 2011 – Feb 2012: Rehabilitation Sessions at Sirat-ul-Jannah Orphanage
August 2011: Pakistan Day Celebration
August 2011: Eid Celebration with Children at National Institute of Child Health
September 2011: Event at Darus-Sukoon
September 2011: Ration Distribution for Flood Effected people in Badin
September 2011: Medical Camp in Badin
October 2011: Clothes Distribution in Badin
October 2011: Ration Distribution in Mirpur Khas
October 2011: Ration Distribution Muhammad Khan Jhaggo and Athoo Daal
October 2011: Ration Distribution in Lohari Sharif
November 2011: Ration Distribution in Pirbux Ahmdani and Sodhibeh


January 2012: Ration Packets and Warm Clothes Distribution in Sokhroo Village (Tharparkar)
January 2012- March 2012: Teaching Sessions at Manzil Education Foundation
March 2012: First Charity Event at Norway
March 2012: Pakistan Day Event in Canada
March 2012: Pakistan Day Event in Manzil Foundation, Karachi
March 2012: Event at Dar-ul-Shafqat Orphanage, Lahore
March 2012- May 2012: Scholarship Provision
June 202: Nawab Shah Medical Camp
June-July 2012: The Patriots Summer Program
July-August 2012: Iftaar distribution 2012
August 2012: Eid Event NICH 2012
October 2012- till date: The Young Patriots School


March 2013: Helping Abbas Town Families