About Us

Our Mission

To unite the Pakistani Youth on a single platform and struggle collectively to eradicate the prevailing issues and problems such as that of poverty, health, education, and unjustified authority.

What is United Youth of Pakistan?

United Youth of Pakistan is a Non-profit organization. It is operated under the leadership of zealous young professionals and students. Its head office is in Karachi while its network lies in all major cities of Pakistan. Internationally, UYP is joining hands with compassionate overseas Pakistanis all around the world who wish to participate in our efforts to make Pakistan a better place.

Its aim is to address ‘Urgent’ needs of common Pakistani citizens, who reside in miserable situations due to government neglect. Such Pakistani brothers and sisters are deprived of their most basic rights. Their most urgent needs may range from food, clothing, to medical supply/ support and education. United Youth of Pakistan’s team has worked tirelessly in interior Punjab, Sind and Baluchistan to address various basic needs of our fellow Pakistanis.

At UYP besides being proponents of ‘Equal Civil Rights’, we are also striving to create a platform for ‘Free education’. People say, “Children first,”, but unfortunately the preceding statement is not followed by our authorities. At UYP, we can proudly say that we do put children first! Our numerous efforts have always prioritized the aim of ‘Free Education’.

We believe that education is the only solution to the perilous situation of Pakistan. As education poverty causes ignorance among the electorate (People who vote) that in turn create smoother path for fraudulent leaders to take most important democratic positions.

We at UYP work ardently towards the goal of propagating the movement of ‘Free Education’ as a priority because the emergency caused by education poverty is equal to a flood caused each year!

Who runs United Youth of Pakistan?

United Youth of Pakistan is operated by highly passionate young professionals and students from various organizations and universities of Pakistan. This structured organization aims at focusing the efforts of such a diverse blend of talent to the altruistic cause of ‘Better Pakistan’.

We welcome students and professionals from various fields such as Medicine, Arts, Education, and Business etc. to pool in their efforts in our projects and create a united effort to accomplish our mission of ‘Better Pakistan.’. No matter who you are and what you do, UYP‘s core team would always provide you with a platform to use your talent to serve your community.

How can I become a part of UYP?

UYP core team welcomes any individual of any field and age to come and work with us. All we need is your commitment to the cause! We cherish our passionate volunteers and respect them for working unconditionally for the cause of ‘Successful Pakistan’.

If for some reason you feel you cannot spare time to be part of our projects as volunteer or team member, you can always donate or motivate others to the cause of charity and propagate our message.

You can be a part of UYP! and the only qualification you need is a heart filled with loyalty , love and compassion for your fellow Pakistan.

Meet Our Team

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