United Youth of Pakistan Welfare Association (UYP) is a student based, nonprofit organization founded in 2010. Our mission is to make Pakistan better.

Our Projects

UYP and Pakistan

Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947, exactly 66 years ago. Since then this country has had to face grueling demands from all over the world. No other country would have been able to survive through which Pakistan has gone through these years. It has seen the worst of worse yet it stands tall and gets ready in time to face the uphill battles.
Since Pakistan is a developing country, it has many NGOs in it that are striving to make it a better place to live. United of Youth of Pakistan Welfare Association is also one of those non-profit organizations which aim to provide free education services in Pakistan.
UYP believes that a country’s condition can only be improved when its masses will be educated. Education is the key to enhance the living conditions, with 63% population of Pakistan living in the rural areas it is nearly impossible for everyone to get education. This is where UYP comes in play, they provide free education services to those who want it and are not able to get it because of their financial status. UYP puts all their efforts in the education services because they believe that “An educated Pakistan; will be a better Pakistan!”